Company is dedicated to give expert advice on different type of products offered by various companies. An array of products with certified or non-certified claims confuses a customer. The pros and cons are weighed with respect to the application, budget and aftersales support. A customer is entitled to take an informed decision. Our experts from cold stores, transport refrigeration, display units are qualified engineers who are trained to give expert advice. Since different ranges of vehicles are available in the market, we can help customers to select appropriate vehicle for their application



Fork Lifts

One stop warehouse equipments are supplied. Internal combustion engine forklift, electric forklift for cold stores, ...

Bus Air-Conditioning

Good quality bus air-conditioning units are offered for fitment in 66, 36 & 28 seaters, or on new and old buses. ...

Dry Boxes

Dry boxes to suit any application are offered for customers.

Tail Lifts

Tail lifts makes the loading and unloading quite comfortable. World famous Tail lift brands are available which suit...

Insulated Boxes

Insulated boxes for any vehicle can be manufactured, a HACCP Compliant box which ensures food safety is highly recom...

Water Carrying Boxes

Water carrying boxes, pallet carrying boxes for FMCG distribution with shutters/sliding doors are provided.

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