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  • Pre summer Check up.
    Pre summer check up and maintenance is done to avoid any breakdown during busy summer time.This type of repair and maintenance anticipate any maintenance for a period of approximately 6 to 7 months.
  • Annual Refurbishment of Cold Rooms.
    Cold rooms should be maintained for air leakages, damages to the floor. Air leakages means more energy consumption and reduced temperature. Floor damages should be repaired for proper insulation.
  • Maintenance of Cold Room Machinery.
    Maintenance and breakdown of cold room machinery is attended on emergency and non-emergency levels.
  • Replacement of Cold Room Machinery.
    Without replacing cold room panels an old machinery can be replaced or refurbished. With proper load calculation and installation energy consumption and temperature can be improved.
  • Shifting of cold room from one location to another.
    Avoiding damages to the panels and cold room machinery cold rooms can be shifted from one location to another. Room length and breadth can be increased or reduced as per the requirement.
  • Annual Maintenance contract.
    A total package to maintain cold room units, transport refrigeration units, display units is worked out under this program.24x365 hr operation of the units less mandatory maintenance down time is worked out. Optimum maintenance and cost is balanced to suit customer requirements.
  • Emergency Breakdown calls.
    Emergency breakdown calls will be attended at customer site or at any other location specified by the customer. All possible measures will be taken to keep the units up and running
  • Buy & Sell of used cold rooms
    Used cold rooms would be brought by the company and these units are sold to secondary markets after required refurbishment.
  • Rental cold rooms.
    Cold rooms can be arranged on rental basis on short term or long term.This will help the customers to manage his initial investments.
  • Rental containers.
    Used Seaworthy containers would be used as rental containers. Containers one above the other can be stacked for maximum space utilization.
  • Leasing of cold rooms.
    Leasing of cold rooms on long term baisis helps customers to own a cold room at their premises
  • Anticipated maintenance.
    Anticipated maintenance program forsee any near term maintenance and repair and maintain before breakdowns.
  • Near Zero breakdown maintenance plan.
    This plan focus on zero breakdown and a customized maintenance program is drafted. This program will be very useful for critical temperature control.
  • Downtime analysis & cost analysis.
    Customers who are under going any of the above programs will get free downtime analysis and cost report.
  • Data Loggers & Temperature Monitoring Systems.
    Data Loggers and temperature monitoring systems can be fitted to any set of cold rooms/display units and the temperatures can be monitored for high/low temperature alarms.
  • Leasing of transport refrigeration units.
    Leasing of refrigerated trucks units is arranged to suit customer requirement.
  • Reefer Truck on rental basis.
    Reefer trucks on daily rental baisis will be arranged as per customer requirement.
  • Accident Repair of units/Insulated Boxes.
    Accident repair of any refrigerated units like Thermoking, Carrier, Hawasung will be carried out. Any repairs of any insulated boxes are also undertaken.
  • Salvage parts of Thermoking & Carrier units.
    Salvage parts of Thermoking and carrier will be stored and cheaper parts will be provided to our valued customers.
  • Replacement parts.
    Reputed replacement parts which are cheaper and cost effective are offered for customers who are looking for cost effective options.

Inorder to serve our customers, a full fledged service facility is operated. Accurate trouble shooting and cost effective solutions are offered.



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